I also go by as the Wilderness Badass !

A photographer by trade and a culture lover, I love travelling the world in search of the most fascinating local stories, to experience, document and share through words and images. The mountains and the wilderness fascinate me, and I keep searching for the wildest locations and cultures.

I’m a Photography graduate with post-graduate degree in Anthropology. I have live and worked in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Cambodia and Portugal, where I’m currently living.

I organise exploration tours, photography workshops and mountain treks, where travellers can accompany to my favourite places still standing on Earth 🙏

Fear of Flying

I used to be petrified of flying. To overcome my fears, I took flying lessons, took a transatlantic flight, and jumped of an aircraft. It worked!!

Treasure out of Trash

I had an accident and two major feet surgeries since. I’ve contradicted all my doctors recommendations, and love trekking on the mountains!

Seven Years Old

Was my age when I escaped home for the first time, “into the wild”. Apparently time hasn’t changed my “itchy feet” that much!

Sustainable Travelling

I love the planet and Mother Nature, and I do whatever I can to help promote sustainable travelling and ecological awareness on travels.

Food Lover

I believe food is a major part in the travelling experience. Food shows us the land, the people, the culture. I love taking cooking workshops and tours!

Tour Leader

I’m absolutely honoured and privileged to be given the change to bring people along on journeys across some of the places I bring close to my heart.


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World Map


I organise tours and expeditions to my favourite destinations. We travel in very small groups, use local transportations, stay in local / family accommodations, get involved with the local communities with volunteer and charity programmes. I promote and teach about sustainable travelling, good for the environment and for culture preservation. Check below for the next departures!


Besides long tours, I also organise small events and getaways, perfect for an energy boost and get back in contact with nature! Small trekking itineraries in beautiful sceneries, photography workshops, mountain and travel workshops. Check below for the next dates!


Travel Planning

I can design a bespoke travel plan for you, whether you’re travelling solo or on a small group. Your independent travel, without the planning hassle.

Photography & Video

As a professional photographer, I can do photo / video reports, or get you unique images upon request.

Workshops & Lectures

I often do workshops and lectures about photography and travelling, specialising in solo travelling, heath and safety, and travel hacks.

Partnerships & Sponsorships

Do you have a product you think would suit my travels or lifestyle? I can help you get to a broader audiences by testing and documenting about it.


Take a look at photos & videos from previous journeys.

Wild Mongolia Tour

Video by Tania, from the Wild Mongolia tour.

Nepal tour

Video by Tania, from the Nepal: From Jungle to Tibet tour.


I’d love to hear from you. Wanna travel, work, collaborate, talk, share? Get in touch, send me an email or simply fill in the form. I’ll get back to you shortly!