In 2015 I started, not only to share my travel experiences, tips and images, but also to have a place where I can commit to produce more travelling related work. For 2016, I have a long bucket list of things to do regarding this.

Here is a summary of my inspiring 10 resolutions, that might work for any of you too!

1. Responsible travel

Be conscious of your travelling, and get involved. Volunteer abroad, reduce your carbon footprint, help local communities. There are countless ways of doing this, and if each and everyone of us follows the correct procedures, the world will be a happier – and safer – place to travel!

2. Declutter

Seriously, how much stuff do we own, that we clearly don’t need? I’ve started decluttering in late 2015, but 2016 will be “the year” to get rid of “stuff”. I own way too many clothing and shoes I don’t need, electronics, decorative things, some home furbishing too. I don’t need “things”. I need knowledge, experience and happiness. “Stuff” is leaving my life in 2016! Also, learn to pack wiser, break things down to just what is necessary!

I learned about declutter firstly in 2009, when I moved from Bristol in the UK to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I would be living there for at least 6 months, so it wasn’t a reason to move all my things, but a good enough reason to leave the apartment I was renting and take to Amsterdam just the things I really needed – and make it fit into one single piece of luggage! I rent a little storage space in Bristol to keep all my stuff –  furniture, books, clothing,  you name it! I was very happy in Amsterdam without any of those things, for one reason only – I did not need them! Decluttering will also refer to point number one – responsible travel. Carrying less luggage will definitely help reduce your carbon footprint, and giving away your unwanted things for charities will be helping those who actually need them.

3. Microadventuring

Grupo Excursionista "Vai-Tu"

Grupo Excursionista “Vai-Tu”

One thing I always stand for is that, one does not need a lot of money – or time – to travel. We can travel through books, music and meeting new people. But as for the actual physical act of travelling, it also applies through “microadventuring“.  Squeeze it into your timeframe: book a 9 to 5 trip to a location nearby, around your neighbourhood, go to different cafés, museums, explore the beaches and the hills, take a walk instead of driving, hire a bike, walk instead of taking the metro. There’s a new place in every corner. We never know everything, so be open minded and step out of your comfort zone – or your routine!

4. Read, write and share

Working on my computer, sitting by the pool. The hostel has wifi, not super-fast, but just enough to go online

Working on my computer, sitting by the pool. The hostel has wifi, not super-fast, but just enough to go online

People find it’s kinda cute when I say I have a “travel blog”. Some think it’s cool to “put down some words and pretty pictures”. I’ve always known there’s so much more to it, and I am working my best to achieve an interesting editorial line and creative appealing contents to share. If I want this to be a window showcasing my best work, personality and some of my ambitions, I must keep motivated and create, create, create! My aim is to embrace more, analyse, put down in paper, write and publish. Spend more time doing what I love, and use it towards what I want to do in life! (please follow my work here! Having feedback is so important to make this effort worth it… thank you!)

5. Try new foods

Coca leaves

Coca leaves

Even though I haven’t been anywhere that offers those eccentric menus such as roasted spiders or crunchy cockroaches, I have come a long way when it comes to food! I used to be really picky, but now I know that palate is a quintessential part of a countries culture. Try not only to try the food, but understand its history – what makes that food special in that place, how its made, what are its origins?

6. Embrace the adversities

Me and my five roomies who got stuck in the island!

One thing all travellers know for sure, is that the unexpected happens.Things will not always go accordingly to plan, and when faced with adversities, you must keep your head up and embrace the moment. There is always a positive side to things!

7. Connect, give and receive

Changing smiles with a girl working at the Flying Pig Uptown Hostel, in Amsterdam

If you’re travelling solo, connect! Smile to people, offer your help, your company, your skills, share your experiences, get together. The best part of solo travelling is for sure the amount and variety of people you will get to know along the journey. Bring back a bag full of smiles, emails and memories. These will prevail for as long as you live! Trust strangers, follow your instincts. The rewordings are outstanding!

8. Do things you usually wouldn’t do

It's a rough adventure to go on the boat

It’s a rough adventure to go on the boat

You’re not really fond of tuna? Find different recipes of tuna and cook / try them all. Are you scared of the dark? Turn off the lights. Are you afraid of heights? Jump of a cliff. One thing is for sure, if you don’t try, you will never know. Step out of your comfort zone and get things done.

9. Plan, organise, schedule… and then forget about it


In front of the White House, Washington D.C.

Yes, planning is an essencial part of your travelling. Planning your days off, your flights, planning routes, planning the next trip, the next book. Planning. Planning is great, but the best of planning is sometimes, not planning. Embrace your surroundings, listen to your gut, follow your instincts. And don’t be afraid if… things don’t go according to plan! I’m planning (ahahah) to be more organised and focused this year – regarding my travelling ideas and ambitions – but always keeping an open mind to the present and what opportunities might come along the way.

10. Life is short… Be happy!

Cruising the canals in Saint Petersburg, with the Hermitage in the background

The ultimate resolution: be happy. I’ve set my self high goals, and I know it will be hard to cope with them all. But I’m as I am on the boat, I might as well just enjoy the ride. And that’s my top advise for you all: no matter what, where or when, embrace the present, and just BE HAPPY.

Happy travels! 🙂

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