I also go by as the Wilderness Badass !

A photographer by trade and a culture lover, I love travelling the world in search of the most fascinating local stories, to experience, document and share through words and images. The mountains and the wilderness fascinate me, and I keep searching for the wildest locations and cultures.

I’m a Photography graduate with post-graduate degree in Anthropology. I have live and worked in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Cambodia and Portugal, where I’m currently living.

I organise exploration tours, photography workshops and mountain treks, where travellers can accompany to my favourite places still standing on Earth 🙏

Years as a Photographer
Countries Visited
Years Travelling Solo

Work With Me!

Photography & Video

As a professional photographer, I can do photo / video reports, or get you unique images upon request.

Workshops & Lectures

I often do workshops and lectures about photography and travelling, specialising in solo travelling, heath and safety, and travel hacks.

Partnerships & Sponsorships

Do you have a product you think would suit my travels or lifestyle? I can help you get to a broader audiences by testing and documenting about it.

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