Hello, I'm Tânia!

I started travelling solo in 2001. My first solo trip was to London, to visit a friend. Five years later, I moved to Bristol, where I graduated in Photography at the University of the West of England. During that time, besides improving my English, I learnt horse riding, travelled a lot in a camper van (the beautiful VW Westfalia), and dramatically increased my air miles, since frying from the UK was a lot cheaper than from Portugal, at the time.

In 2009 I moved again, to Amsterdam. This is when I started working in travelling, first for iwannagothere.com (based in Madrid) and later for chickenorpasta.com.br (based in São Paulo, Brazil). Whilst in Amsterdam I also worked at a famous Asian fusion restaurant, which allowed me to know all Asia... by taste! I've also done my post-graduate studies in Anthropology at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.

In 2013 I moved back to Lisbon, where I started working mostly as a photojournalist in the music industry, for companies like Red Bull Music Academy, Bloop Recordings, amongst others. I then I started this blog, in 2015. I was missing the "travelling side of life", and I needed to share my stories and experiences, turning this passion into sharing.

I hope you find here something helpful or inspiring!

Why Travelling With Tania?

I've always enjoyed talking. I talk a lot, actually, I talk so much that sometimes, halfway through a conversation, I forget why it started. I've got thousands of stories to share, to the point that sometimes listening to myself can be a little bit too much!
Since I enjoy travelling solo, I thought "travelling with tania" would be an appropriate name for my site online. Because that's what I want to allow my readers and followers to do: travel with me, through my stories, my videos, my photos.

Photography Work

I have been working as an independent photographer since 2008. Despite most of my career being in the music industry, my addiction for travelling made me fall in love with landscape and documentary photography.
Photography has always been a major part of my life, and has helped me travel further, and share my stories and sights with those who aspire to travel further as well!
Check my photographer's portfolio on tanianeves.com