10 best gifts for those who travel

With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve decided to put together this list of the best 10 gifts for travellers!

1. Airliners gift vouchers

It’s got to be the ultimate gift for anyone who travels! Most airliners have gift vouchers for sale, and they come in different amounts. So, if you are unsure about what to offer this Christmas, a plane ticket could be the present gift!

Some of the airliners that offer this are, TAP, American Airlines, Ryanair, AirBerlinAerLingus, Swiss, and others.

2. GoPro


The GoPro is the best travel companion for all those who love travelling and recording their adventures on video! It’s really small, so won’t weight on your luggage, there’s dozens of different accessories for it, so you can tailor it to your travel style. And it’s water/weather sealed case makes it able to go under water and on rough conditions, like dirt, sand, wind… and it has a super sharp image quality. Definitely a perfect gift!

You can buy it online here, or on your closest GoPro dealer.

3. Blue Bottle Coffee Weekender Kit


If it’s for a coffee addict (like myself) who is always on the go, a portable coffee maker kit might be it! The Blue Bottle Coffee Weekender Kit comes with:

  • Custom Timbuk2 Waxed Canvas and Leather Trimmed Bag
  • Blue Bottle Bonmac Travel Dripper
  • Bonmac #1 Filters
  • Blue Bottle Coffee: Three Africans
  • Two Falcon Enamelware Tumblers
  • Two Felt Zarfs
  • Porlex Mini Hand Grinder

If it’s for a “long haul” kind of person, than the Sabbatical kit might be a better option.

Go to their website to purchase!

4. Recycled Airplane Seat Bags from Looptworks


The guys at Looptworks do a great job upcycling: they use leftover / unwanted materials and bring them back to life in beautifully designed bags. For the LUV Seat Collection, they’ve transformed old Southwest Airlines seats into great looking bags, that not only are trendy, but they also have summed up probably more miles than your own frequent flyer programme card. So, can you find a more meaningful gift for someone who’s passionate for flying?

You can shop directly from their website.

5. Kindle


For those who love reading, when travelling a good book may definitely be your best travel companion. However, piling up books can be a burden for both weight and space that take over the luggage. So the little Kindle still has that “book” feel, but it’s light, small, and you just need to download your e-books into it to keep reading.

You can order it directly from Amazon.

6. Scratchable World Map


I personally think the Scratchable maps were the “big thing” in 2015. Better than “countring” (really funny expression from Jens Lennartssoncountring: verb. The act of keeping track of the no. of countries one have visited, without considering if anything was actually experienced while there), is scratching.

There are many different versions of the maps on their official website, and you can also purchase one directly from their online shop.

7. Moleskine Travel Journal


Doesn’t even need to explain why. Moleskine is the must-have notebook for all of those who like to take notes on a fancy and long lasting notebook. Moleskine came up with this really useful travel edition travel journal. It comes with 5 themed sections to fill in plus 5 tabbed sections to personalise, such as loyalty cards, checklists, calendars, travel
information, budget and trip planners, memorable moments and more. It also comes with 202 adhesive labels for personalising your journal.

You can purchase one directly from Moleskine’s website too.

8. Cork Globe

Beautiful, sustainable, and one can personalize it at taste. The Cork Globe is the ultimate decor piece for your living room!

You can purchase it online from the SUCK UK online shop.

9. Globe Locket

Globe Locket by Britta Ambauen

For a girly option, get her a Globe Locket for a necklace. These are handmade by Britta Ambauen, and you can purchase it at Uncommon Goods online shop.

10. World Map Blanket

World Map BlanketThe World is your oyster, and it can now be your blanket too. So one can snuggle up whilst dreaming of the next big trip.

Get it online from Wiki Pillow.


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