Today the World celebrates “Earth Day”. An important day for travellers.

As a traveller, I think each one of us bears the responsibility to be environmentally aware of climate change, and educate (or at least pass on the message and be an example to) those who don’t travel as much as we do, or do not have the chance to see how others cultures have evolved and suffered direct consequences from civilization and technology developments. Being environmentally responsible, will allow us to preserve better this Earth we are living in, allowing us to travel for longer to those incredible sights that are / will be endangered due to climate change / pollution / humanity / civilizations.

Here’s my list of suggestions each one of us should always do when travelling. Please add yours on the comments section below!

Thank you, and have a Happy World Earth Day <3

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint 
  2. Purchase local instead of big chain
  3. Recycle and upcycle
  4. Plant a tree!
  5. Go organic
  6. Choose environmentally friendly cosmetics
  7. Car sharing
  8. Cycling instead of driving
  9. Use recyclable batteries instead of new batteries (it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly!)
  10. Please, do not leave waste behind you! Respect local cultures and environments.

BONUS: Ladies: menstrual cups instead of the old fashioned pads and tampons!

The photo pictures where I grew up – the beautiful mountains of Serra da Freita with the big eolic turbines.

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