Join My Organised Tours, Photography Workshops or Traveller Speaks

  • You'd like to explore wild countries, but not really keen on travelling solo?
  • Fancy joining a small group of like-minded people?
  • Looking for someone that knows where to get the best cup of coffee, tells the stories, respects the local culture, and is in fact a chilled traveller and not a formatted travel-guide?

Look no more!!

I've partnered up with The Wanderlust to take you to my favourite destinations! You'll travel with me to my favourite places, you'll get involved with the local culture, we'll get our hands-dirty helping local communities, you'll learn the language, collect beautiful photos and taste the local flavours... and the best part is, you don't have to worry a thing! I organise all the trip to the last detail, sort out your travel insurance, and send you customised travel tips before your trips starts. Fancy joining in? Check out my next dates on The Wanderlust's website!


Check this calendar for my next tours and other travel-related events