Earn bonuses on Patreon with my invitation!


I think Patreon is a great additional way to fund creative work. It serves several purposes, such as bringing artists closer to their audiences, and allowing people to get their creative works faster and for a fairer price.

Every month, I get a regular source of income from supporters who’ve pledged to me through Patreon. Having their ongoing support means I spend less time thinking about business, and more time creating. My backers get access to exclusive content, and get my finished products earlier, and cheaper than purchasing them from the shop.

As a Patreon creator (check out my Patreon account on patreon.com/travellingwithtania), I can get to invite new creators to join Patreon. And if you use this invite to sign up and launch your Patreon page, we’ll both earn bonuses as supporters pledge to you!

To use the invitation, simply follow this link: https://patreon.com/invite/loqmy

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