Hey everyone, say hello to the Tep Wireless, your new “must-take” when travelling:


So, the thing is, every time I go travelling, there’s one thing I always look for when booking hostels: wifi connection.

It’s 2016 people! We connect via social media, therefore internet is a must. We no longer call our relatives: we post on social media. We call on whatsapp. We share our images on instagram. We snaps our moments.

We need internet!

And that’s why we need Tep Wireless too! Here’s how it improves your travelling:

  • no more surprise bills or crazy conversions:
    the tep wireless has simple, straighforward fee: €7/day is you buy your Tep Wireless, or €8.95/day if you rent.
  • unlimited internet:
    yes, it really is unlimited. If you use more than 350MB within a 24 hour period, your connection speed gets slowed to 512kbs, but will remain unlimited.
  • pay only what you use:
    the rates are set per day, so if you will only pay for the days you’ve used it.
  • no sim cards:
    no need to insert a sim card! It’s ready to go 🙂
  • multiple connections:
    travelling with friends? You can connect up to 5 different devices to the same tep wireless.
  • worldwide connection:
    Tep Wireless works in almost 100 different countries around the globe, with no need to change sim cards, passwords, or any other hassles…

For more info visit the Tep Wireless website.

But stay connected!

I’ve already ordered mine for my round-the-world trip. This way, I will always be able to keep the blog updated!


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